Plant-Based Gyoza

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เกี๋ยวซ่าจากพืช Plant – Based Gyoza แป้งเหนียวนุ่มสอดไส้หมูจากพืช รสชาติต้นตำหรับจากญี่ปุ่นมาพร้อมน้ำจิ้มทานได้ทันที คัดสรรวัตถุดิบที่มีคุณภาพ

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    💚Plant – Based Gyoza

    – Can be preserve for 1 year (Frozen)

    – 100% Plant-based

    – Protein as high as 14 g.

    – Healthy fats from plant (Coconut oil)

    – No antibiotics and NON GMO


    💚 : What does it taste like ?

    Soft and chewy dough stuffed with plant-based meat giving a traditional Japanese flavor which comes with Gyoza sauce. Made from premium ingredients. 

    Product 8 pieces : 1 package


    💚 : Perfect for who ?

    – a person who avoids meat

    – a person looking for meat alternatives

    – a person who wants to eat plant-based to be healthy

    – a person who wants to have a low fat, high nutrition snack


    💚 : General information

    – Main ingredient : Soybean, wheat

    – *Food allergies : contains soybeans, gluten

    – Storage : keep frozen at -18 Celsius 

    – BBF and MFG date : on package

    – Nutritions mentioned are amounts per serving


    💚 : Cooking instructions

    Remove product from freezer and fry until the bottom turns golden yellow. Add water and close the lid for 4-5 minutes or until the water dries.


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